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"So you wanna be a rock'n'roll star, well listen now to what I say..."

"Just get an electric guitar and take some time to learn how to play."

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Name:Damien Larson
Birthdate:Jul 12
Location:New York, New York, United States of America
Damien Michael Larson was born in the tiny town of Blacksburg, South Carolina, the oldest of three children born to a small town lawyer and his wife, the paralegal he’d left his first wife for. Despite the somewhat less than kosher beginnings of the family, Damien grew up happy, close to both parents. He was a smart kid, making good grades in all his classes in high school without even really studying, and both his parents had high hopes for him after graduation. His dad hoped that he might follow in his footsteps to become a lawyer, too, but Damien didn’t want to continue his schooling. Instead, he wanted to take something else that he’d learned from his father – music – and try to make a life with it. But while his dad had grown up on country music, and passed that on to his children, Damien’s heart was set on being a rock star.

At the end of the day, his father couldn’t help supporting Damien’s choice to try and make a living as a musician. It had been a lifelong dream of his father’s to be a famous musician, but he chose instead to be responsible and choose a more “serious” career. He didn’t want to do to Damien what his own father had done to him, and told him to go and do what made him happy.

So at the age of 19, Damien packed his bags for New York City, taking only a few belongings, and made the move. There was more to it, though, than simply a wish to be a rock star. Damien had also realized in high school that maybe – just maybe – he wasn’t really all that into girls after all. He’d dated a few in school, but while all of them had remained good friends of his, he realized he really wasn’t that into any of them. And his small-minded, Bible-thumping hometown, exploring himself would hardly be an easy thing to do. New York presented a whole new start at life for him, and he headed there and never looked back.

Now in his early twenties, Damien’s made quite a name for himself in the bar scene of New York, which is how he eventually came into contact with Dr. Lachlan Campbell, who, for all his medical skill, was also an extremely accomplished musician, and had a studio of his own. It wasn’t long before Damien had actually moved in as a boarder with the Campbell family, including Lachlan’s wife, Tara, and their young son, Riley, and began work on his first album in Lachie’s studio. Through them, he made contact with PR guy, Aiden Lewis, who will soon help him in promoting his album and trying to get his name out beyond the New York City bar scene.
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